The Informatics Library

Address : Str. G-ral Berthelot nr. 16, Iasi, C site of "Al. I. Cuza" University
Telephone : 0232-201491
Contact person : Corina BRAN – head of the library
E-mail :

The access in this library is based on the CUL Entrance Card valid in the headquarters and in all the branch libraries. The library had a reading room with 165 seats.


The total fund (2019): 2.658 bibliographic units (books and periodicals)
Number of entries in the database (2019): 2.620 entries

The Informatics library has some important collections of documents (books and periodicals) in the following fields: mathematics and computers (informatics) Among the foreign periodicals collections, the most important ones are: Journal of the ACM (1955 - 2003), Theoretical Computer Science (1998 - 2002), Artificial Intelligence (1986 - 1994), Fundamenta Informaticae (1999 - 2004).

In the same time, the library has the up-to-date collections of the following Romanian specialized periodicals: CHIP , PC World , PC Magazin , Gazeta de Informatică, and their CD-s. In this library, there can be accessed, on an on-line reservation, the over 100 CD-s specialized collection offered by MICROSOFT, by its Romanian representative.

The Catalogues

The library offers to its readers the following catalogues:

  • The online catalogue – the bibliographic descriptions of the publications in the Physics and Chemistry Branch Libraries are included in the CUL online catalogue
  • The national online catalogue - RoLiNeST (Romanian Library Network Science & Technology) including the databases of the most important Romanian university libraries.

The services

  • The consultation of the collection’s documents in the reading room;
  • Home lending;
  • The free access to the online databases on the library's subscription - ProQuest, SpringerLink, Ebsco, etc.;
  • Specialized bibliographic information;
  • The elaboration, on request, of some specialized bibliographies
  • The initiation of the readers in the documenting process.