The Indexing Departament

The indexing is the most used method to reach the intellectual content of a library. It consists in analysing the documents' content, identifying the key concepts and transposing them from the natural language to the indexing one.

Until 1995, the description of the documents' content had been made exclusively by assigning the decimal classification indexes (UDC).

Specific activities:

  • The current documents' indexing
  • The elaboration of the authority descriptors for topical subjects
  • The maintenance of the already existing authority lists (additions, corrections, unifications)
  • Indexing documents from the old catalogue
  • Modifications, corrections, updates of the subject descriptors
  • The selective scanning of the documents' contents with a complex topic, poorely rendered by the subject descriptors
  • Participation in the national project LIVES-RO, coordinated by the Romanian National Library

Documents Indexing