The Financial and Accounting – Retributions Office

Our office ensures the chronological and systematic recording, the processing, publication, and preservation of the information on the financial position and the cash flow both for the internal requirements of our institution and for its relationships with the external users of financial information (clients, suppliers, public institutions, and other users). This office also prepares the monthly payrolls for the library's staff retribution according to the tables of organization approved by the Ministry of Education.

Our team is made up of highly specialized persons, knowing very well the present legislation in this field. We attend periodically different financial and retribution training sessions lectured by some experts in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labour. We are the bridge between our institution and the national financial bodies. (Monthly, quarterly and yearly) we make the main statistical reporting, presenting the patrimonial situation of the institution to the different interested third parties (ministries, control bodies, the National Institute for Statistics, etc.). The data processing is made with the specialized IT programs, updated according to the last news on the field and to the last legislative modifications.

Our office ensures the accountancy of the contracts both with the state budget funding approved both by the chief authorising officer, meaning the Romanian Ministry of Education and from our own budget formed from the internal resources (rents and other activities) for the financing of the investments, walkovers, and the other activities connected to the equipping, maintenance and operation of the institutional wealth.

We annually perform the inventorying of the institution's wealth on its constitutive elements and operate the results of the inventory.