"Ştefan Procopiu" Library of Physics and Chemistry

Address : B-dul Carol I nr.11 Iasi , in Building A of "A.I . Cuza" University Iasi (ground floor)
Phone : 0232-201151
Contact person : PhD Ivona OLARIU - Head of Exact Sciences Department 
E-mail : ivona@uaic.ro

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
Loan at home:8.30 - 19.30

Library of Physics and Chemistry (Library Card Office and Loan):

8.30 - 14.30
Saturday - SundayClosed

The access in this library is based on the CUL Entrance Card valid in the headquarters and in all the branch libraries.


The total fund (2019): 47.832 bibliographic units (books and periodicals)
Number of entries in the database (2019): 19.674 entries

The Library of Physics and Chemistry holds important collections of documents, books and serials, from all fields in Physics: theory, Molecular Physics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Solid-State Physics, Biophysics, Optics and Spectroscopy, Electricity and Magnetism and different fields of Chemistry: General Chemistry, Anorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Technological Chemistry, Ecological Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioanorganical Chemistry, Radiochemistry.

The beneficiaries have the possibility to consult reference materials: dictionaries and encyclopaedias, scientific papers - Physics Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts.

Among the documents held by the library, there are included Stefan Procopiu's archive, the original works by physicians like Max Born, Leon Brillouin, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Jean Becquerel, Ch. Fabry and many others, as well as by chemists like Petru Poni, Radu Ralea, Petru Bogdan, Radu Cernatescu, Cr. Fresenius, Emil Fischer.

The library collections also include some very valuable works such as:

  • Poisson, S.D. - Traite de mecanique, Bruxelles, 1838;
  • Laplace - Oeuvres, vol.1-7, Paris , 1843-1847;
  • Arago, Fr. - Oeuvres completes, vol.1-3, 9, Paris , 1854;
  • Billet, M.F. - Traite d'optique physique, vol.1-2, 1858-1859;
  • Jamin, M.J. - Cours de physique, vol.1-4, Paris, 1868-1883;
  • Favry, Ch. - Lecons elementaires d'Acoustique et d'Optique, Paris, 1898;
  • Madame Curie - Traite de radioactivite, vol.1-2, Paris, 1910;
  • Madame Curie - Die Radioaktivitat , vol.1-2, Leipzig , 1912,

It has also a great number of serials in the field&:

  • Physics: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, The Physical Review A, B, C, D, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, Thin Solid Films, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, Nature, Review of Modern Physics si
  • Chemistry: Chemical Abstracts, The Journal of the American Society, Journal of the Chemical Society, Journal of Chromatography, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Tetrahedron, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry.

If in the collections from the Physics library, the oldest book is Newton - Optique, vol.1-2 (Paris, Leroy, 1787), in the Chemistry library, the oldest book is Duflos, A. - Anwiesung zur Prufung Chemischer Arzneimittel (Breslau, Hirt, 1862) .
The collections of books and serials are completed by national and international exchange - Annals of "Al. I. Cuza" University, sections of Chemistry, Plasma Physics and Spectroscopy, Biophysics, Medical Physics, Environment Physics, and Solid-State Physics.

The Catalogues

The library offers to its readers the following catalogues:

  • The online catalogue – the bibliographic descriptions of the publications in the Physics and Chemistry Libraries are included in the CUL online catalogue
  • The national online catalogue - RoLiNeST (Romanian Library Network Science & Technology) including the databases of the most important Romanian university libraries.

The services

  • The consultation of the collection's documents in the reading room;
  • The home lending;
  • The free access to the online databases on the library's subscription - ProQuest, SpringerLink, Ebsco, etc.;
  • Specialized bibliographic information;
  • The initiation of the readers in the documenting process.
  • elaboration of thematic bibliographies, on request;
  • training of the users in the process of documentation – training sessions organized at the beginning of the university year and permanent guidance
  • e-mail references
  • answers to simple requests of information which require a brief answer
  • answer to simple requests of information regarding the method of obtaining a bibliography necessary for a research
  • information regarding the collections of the library, for the documents which do not have at the moment the bibliographic description in the database