Individual study rooms

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The individual study rooms can be booked only for september. Access to the study rooms is opened between 8.30 - 14.30, from monday to friday.

The reading room and the individual study rooms can be attended only by students who have a library card with a valid stamp for the ongoing year and can be rented for a day or for a week.

Access rules for the individual study rooms:

All users attending the individual study rooms are required to:

  • Keep silence, order and cleaning in the above mentioned spaces;
  • Have a civilised behaviour towards the BCU employees and other library users;
  • Not talk on the phone in the reading room. The phones will be set to silent module;
  • To submit to the librarian or the security agent a library card endorsed for the year in progress;
  • To fill in the Reader's Register;
  • To submit, at the request of the librarian or the security agent, an ID card to verify the personal data;
  • To leave the heavy clothes at the wardrobe and the personal belongings in the individual closets (bags, backpacks, umbrellas, etc);
  • To use properly the furniture and other library belongings;
  • Not smoke on the premises;
  • Not bring into the library alcoholic drinks or prohibited substances;
  • Not bring in the reading room and individual study rooms food or beverages, except for water bottles. You can eat or drink in the specially designed space

The individual study rooms are intended only for those who paid for the reservation!

Non-compliance by users of the rules regarding acces to the individual study rooms will be sanctioned by temporary or definitive suspension of the library card, according to the Reades's Regulations of BCU.

The library is not responsible for the safety and integrity of the personal belogings left in the reading room and in the individual study rooms!

Booking the individual study rooms (central building, ground floor, access through the Reading Room IV)

FEE valid until 30th of September 2020

7 lei/day, from 8.30 to 14.30, monday to friday


The individual study rooms are equipped with a desk, a chair, sockets and Wi-Fi.

To book one of the eight individual study rooms, please use the calendar bellow. Select the start date of the desired schedule and fill in the form wich contains the end date of your booking.
The appropriate fee is paid at the Entrance Card/Visas Office (central building, ground floor) in maximum 48 hours from the time reservation was made.
Opening hours for the Entrance Card/Visas: 8.30-14.30 Monday to Friday

When the booking period has expired, the office must be released and the key handed to the guard desk! The fee for the loss of the key or the entry card is 15 lei.
The individual cabinets reserved for one day have to be released at 14.30.

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