Faith and Community around the Mediterranean in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages - 2016

sigla conferinta


Bucharest, New Europe College, March 7-8,

Monday, March 7, Conference Papers

10.00 Greetings from Prof. Dr. Valentina SANDU-DEDIU, Rector of the New Europe College
Greetings from Acad. Dan BERINDEI, Vice-president of the Romanian Academy
Greetings from Dr. Petre GURAN, Researcher at the Institute for South-East European Studies of the Romanian Academy
10.30 Claudia RAPP, Professor of Byzantine Studies, University of Vienna, Austria
New Religion - New Communities? Christianity and Social Relations in Late Antiquity and Beyond
11.15Coffee Break
11.30Uriel SIMONSOHN, Lecturer, Department for Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa, Israel
Kinship and Community: The Social Subversiveness of Religiously-Mixed Families in the Early Islamic Period
12.00Alexandru-Florin PLATON, professor at the Faculty of History, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
The Body of Christ’ in Saint Paul's Epistles and the New Face of Christian Unity (1st Century AD)
12.30Thomas CARLSON, Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History, Oklahoma State University, USA
Faith among the Faithless? Theology as Aid or Obstacle to Islamization in Late Medieval Mesopotamia
13.00Roundtable Discussion
15.00Philippa TOWNSEND, Chancellor’s Fellow of New Testament and Christian Origins, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Conflict and Community in the Book of Revelation
15.30Eduard IRICINSCHI, Visiting Fellow at the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities (IKGF), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Religious Education and Spiritual Healing in the Egyptian Manichaean Community of Kellis (4th- cent CE)
16.00Dionisij SHLENOV, Head of Greek Christian Literature, Department of Christian Literature, Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary, Russia
The Image of the Emperor’s Power in Ascetical Literature
16.30Peter BROWN, Professor of History Emeritus at Princeton University, USA
Faith and Community around the Mediterranean (Pre-recorded video remarks)
17.00Roundtable Discussion

Tuesday, March 8, Conference Papers

10.00Petre GURAN, Researcher at the Institute for South-East European Studies, Romanian Academy, Romania
Church or Christendom? Late Antique Juridical Terminology on Christian Religion.
10.30Nathan P. GIBSON, Postdoctoral Scholar in Syriac studies and digital humanities at Vanderbilt University, USA
Turning Friends into Enemies and Enemies into Friends: Al-Jahiz’s Attempt to Redefine Religious Identity in Ninth-Century Iraq
11.00Coffee Break
11.30Craig CALDWELL, Assistant Professor of Ancient History and director of the Program in Classical Civilizations, Appalachian State University, USA
From Galerius' Romanitas to the Danubian Open Frontier: Peter Brown and the Balkans in Late Antiquity
12.00Maja KOMINKO, Cultural Grants Manager at Arcadia Fund, UK
The Peutinger Table – The World-Map as a Palimpsest
12.30Roundtable Discussion
15.00Daniel BENGA, Professor for Church History, Orthodox Theological Faculty, University of Bucharest, Romania
The Jewish Heritage as Challenge for a Syriac Christian Community according to Didascalia Apostolorum
15.30Daniel SCHWARTZ, Assistant Professor of History and Associate Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture, Texas A&M University, USA
The Social Context of Religious Change in Late Antique Syria
16.00Dragoș MÎRȘANU, independent researcher and journalist, Romania
Arian Solidarity in the Time of the Barbarian Kingdoms: Did It Exist?
16.30Roundtable Discussion

Iași, Mihai Eminescu Central University Library (King Ferdinand Foundations)

Thursday, March 10, Conference Papers

10.00Greetings from the Metropolitan of Moldavia
Greetings from the Rector of the Iasi University and the Dean of the Theology Faculty
10.30Mark SHERIDAN, Benedictine monk living in Abu Ghosh, Israel and professor emeritus in the Faculty of Theology of the Pontificio Ateneo S. Anselmo
The Development of the Concept of Poverty from Athanasius to Cassian
11.15Nelu ZUGRAVU, Professor of Late Antique History and Civilization, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
Christianity as a Factor of Dissolution and Aggregation in the Works of John Chrysostom
11.45Coffee break
12.00Matthew MILLINER, Associate Professor of Art History at Wheaton College, USA
Rethinking the ‘Afterlife of Icons’
12.30Bogdan MALEON, Professor at the Faculty of History, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University and Director of Mihai Eminescu Central University Library Iași , Romania
The Exile around the Mediterranean Sea during the Early Byzantine Period
13.00Roundtable Discussion
15.00Iulian DAMIAN, Assistant Professor of History of Religions, Faculty of Theology, University of Iași
Revelation in Abrahamic Religions: Convergence and Divergence Concerning the Phenomenon of Prophethood
15.30David MICHELSON, Assistant Professor of History of Christianity at Vanderbilt University, USA
From Periphery to Horizon: Peter R. L. Brown’s Contribution to the Historiography of Christianity
16.00Peter BROWN, Professor of History Emeritus at Princeton University, USA
Faith and Community around the Mediterranean (Pre-recorded video remarks)
16.30Concluding Discussion

Event organized within the Europe next to Europe Program, with the support of the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Sweden.