Rental spaces for events

The Library has several spaces suitable for cultural, artistic, scientific and educational events: the Aula Magna of the Library, the reception hallway, the B.P. Hasdeu Room, the interior garden and the Royal Foundation Galleries - the Dome. All these spaces are suitable for rent, accordingly to the Law of the Libraries, no. 334/31.05.2002, and the rules of organization and operation of the "Mihai Eminescu" Central University Library in Iasi.

  • The Aula of the Library

The Aula is a suitable space to organize concerts, conferences, scientific seminaries, workshops, book launches, festive courses, corporate events.

It has a capacity of 330 seats and an amazing acoustics.

For coffee breaks, the space in front of the Aula can be used.


  • Audio system with 2 microphones
  • Possibility of projection
  • Wi-Fi

  • The B.P. Hasdeu Room

Located on the 1st floor of the central building, the B.P. Hasdeu Room is dedicated for conferences, colloquia, rounded tables, workshops, book launches, business meetings, etc.

It has a capacity of 50 seats and it is provided with a small room which can be used for coffee breaks.


  • Possibility of projection on a portable screen
  • Wi-Fi

  • The British Council Hall

The British Council Hall is destined to organize workshops, lectures, round tables, book launches, presentations, work meetings, etc.

The room has a capacity of 16 seats at th etables and 30 seats in public.


  • videoprojector
  • projector screen
  • Wi-Fi
  • blackboard with marker

  • The Interior Garden

With a capacity of aproximately 250 persons, the Interior Garden of the Library is the ideal location for receptions, cocktails, coffee breaks or festive dinners. Access to the garden by Pacurari no 4 street.

  • The Royal Foundation Galleries - the Dome

Situated on three floors, in the Dome of the Library, the Royal Foundation Galleries are intended for housing art and photography exhibitions.

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