The Galleries of the Royal Foundation – Ground Floor

The International Artists – iArt organization created by the painter Dan Cumpătă gathers international artists from some different fields: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography and electronic art. Dan Cumpătă, whose name appears on the Tate Gallery's list besides the most meritorious 2013 artists alive has decided to create in Romania, his native country, several cultural events in order to promote both the young talents and the already recognized artists. "Mihai Eminescu" Central University Library (CUL) and iArt-Europa have inaugurated on August 28, 2014 the opening of the premises of iArt- România – Europa and the one of a new exhibition hall at the ground floor of the library, Păcurari wing. In partnership with the Galleries of the Royal Foundation in "Mihai Eminescu" CUL, the association aims at promoting the painters through exhibitions, i-Art auctions, charity balls and, not the least, by the launching on the market of an i-Art art dictionary.

The inaugural exhibition, the first edition of the Summer International Salon gathered the works of more than 35 artists from Europe, Asia and North America.