The Informatics Department

1986 - The first integrated library system is implemented at the Mathematical Seminary "Al. Myller".

1987 - A second system is developed, dBASE II.

1988 - The system is re-written in dBASE IV and transferred on a Robotron PC.

1989 - The Library runs the first introductory course in computer use for librarians.

1991 - The Central University Library (CUL) receives 6 computers as a donation from the World Vision.

1992 - The Informatics Department is founded.

1993 - The first integrated library system, VUBIS, is purchased through a TEMPUS program, “Upgrading library and information science in Romania”.

1994 - The VUBIS software starts to work, as well as with the old dBASE IV system and other softwares (Papyrus, CDS/ISIS).

1998 - ALEPH, the integrated library system, is aquired by CUL from Ex-LH in Budapest, Hungary, subsidiary of Ex-Libris, Israel.

1999 - The 505.14.2 version of Aleph is implemented module by module. It is the first MARC format integrated system ever introduced in a Romanian library.

2000 - The ROMÂNIA database is established as a result of a collaboration project between the Central University Libraries in Iaşi, Bucureşti and Cluj-Napoca, according to the M.E.N Order nr. 4084/13.07.1999. Forty computers have been bought.

2001 - The circulation service of the library is introduced on the computer and the web page of the library is designed.

2002 - A network unit is established when the library achieves an OF (optical fiber) internet connection.

2004 - Creation of the Authorities records.

2005 - The Aleph 500 user’s guide is developed for books and periodicals cataloguing, as well as for authority headings.

2005 - 2008 - the “RoLiNeST" national catalogue was intended to unify the library systems and initially included the online catalogues of the four Romanian Central University Libraries. CUL had some important contributions in unifying the working system of the Romanian libraries (Unimarc training courses , professional meetings with Romanian librarians, new Internet connections, increase the speed of the data bases in the RoEduNet net., etc.).

2006 - The 500.16.2 Aleph version is implemented. The institution is rewired to current standards.

2007 - The audio and video system is introduced in the Auditorium. A network of 17 computers is created for the Humanities branch.

2008 - A multimedia room, with 60 computers is established. The Library acquires the aleph digital assets module ADAM. Wireless connection is introduced in reading rooms.

2008 - Mebdigit – a digitization project of the traditional catalogue. The purpose of this project was to create a digital version of the traditional catalogue in the CUL Iasi and its 12 branches with access to the library’s web page. Accessing the books in Aleph, as well as the lending system was effective beginning with October 1, 2008. The entire fund (2.5 mil books, periodicals, etc) can be accessed online.

2009 - All the periodicals received a barcode and the circulation system was entirely computerized. The branch libraries and the offices received scanners taht allowed the images (book covers and images, etc.) and texts (fragments, lists, etc.) to be linked to the bibliographic descriptions.

2009 - 2010 CUL adopted Vufind (Mebfind), an open source library catalogue developed in the USA – an intuitive interface permitting a simultaneous search in all the library’s resources. The Library is connected to Google Book.

2014 - At present, a 320 PC net operates in the main building and in the branches, including a 3 multimedia rooms with over 100 computers. The integrated library system used is ALEPH 500v20.