The Department of Authority Files

In the Central University Library (CUL) in Iasi, the creation of the Authorities records started in 2004 with the names of persons, then, there were created the records for collective titles, titles and subjects. The purpose was to obtain a tool to control of the bibliographic database and the uniform access points.

The working group is formed of 10 librarians and a system operator. There have been created over 21.500 authorities records and have been linked over 500.000 bibliographic records.

The Activities

  • Makes research in the information sources and the online catalogue in order to choose the authority heading and the name variants
  • Establishes the authority heading
  • Creates and changes the authorities records
  • Links the bibliographic records to the authority heading
  • Checks whether the bibliographic records are correctly and completely linked to the authority heading
  • Verifies the quality and the uniform character of the authority records
  • Verifies the coherence of the authorities records
  • Monitors the training and self-training of the cataloguer who creates authority records
  • Drafts notes on the rules and changes which regard the authorities records
  • Proposes the purchase of the useful instruments (encyclopedias, dictionaries, materials specialized in the field)
  • Offers information to the other librarians in the country who work at the authorities files
  • Participates in professional meetings
  • Disseminates information

Papers and works elaborated by the department:

Contact person:

Lacramioara Chihaia, work group coordinator