The collections preservation department

The Collection preservations Department started its activity once with the opening of the library. It is a key office of the library. Irrespective of the names it had taken over time, this department accumulated almost the entire offer of "Mihai Eminescu" Central University Library (CUL) having, in the same time, the great responsibility of managing, preserving and disposing the documents collection.

Between the Collection preservations Department and the other departments in the library there is a close relationship involving also a collaboration of the same type. Beginning with the new entries trances delivery, passing through the lending activity to the departments in charge with the correction of the data base, then through the lending for bibliographies elaboration, the Collection preservations Department is in an organic connection with the respective library departments taking actively part in solving its problems. By managing the entire usual books stock in each department, it was completed the relationship between the Collection preservations Department and all the other departments of the library.

The document delivery is made in collaboration with the Public relations Department. The activity of the two departments cannot be completed but in twos, in good relations, mainly if we have in view the fact that the one to profit (and must profit) from this good relationship is the user; in fact, this is a basic indicator of the library's efficiency, both as a system and as an institution.

In our days, the Collection preservations Department manages a publications stock (of books organized on their size, of periodicals – journals, annuals, almanacs and calendars, organized on their size, and of news papers, alphabetically organized) of more than 1.400.000 bibliographic units, representing about 25.000 linear meters..


  1. The management of the existent collections and of the new entries;
  2. The organizing of an optimum functioning of the department by:
  • The defining of the management and preservation rules;
  • The verification of the correct  collection preservation and storage: temperature, humidity;
  • The establishment of the necessary conditions of  a rapid delivery of the documents;
  • The establishment of the collaboration relationships with the other departments in  the library
  1. The organizing of the internal norms and of the necessary activities for the book preservation:
  • The verification of the physical condition of the documents,
  • The determination of the publications needing reconditioning,
  • The ascertaining of the physically deteriorated publications list to be quashed,
  • The equipment of the deposit's spaces with the necessary apparatus for preserving the integrity of the collections,
  • The establishment of an effective plan for different measures in different collection moving cases,
  • The collections redistributing or some other measures in  an emergency,
  1. The establishment and organizing of the activities connected to the daily and periodical collection verification:
  • The recording of the daily statistics
  • The keeping of an accurate evidence of the books periodically entered in the library's collections and of the modification in the publications shelf numbers and storage
  • The fulfilment, based on the documents it has, of the annual statistics of all the publications entered in the book collection
  • The rationally and efficiency organizing of the collection checking and the objectively solving of the deficiency that may appear during the daily activity of the department
  • The verification of the correct document delivery (daily lending, returning)
  • The ensuring of the effective exercise of the activities that may appear (exhibitions, bibliographies, collection modifications and processing), activities together with some other departments.