The Special Collections Department

The special collections fund is closely following the long history of the library. In order to show its value, during the period between the wars, the Department of Manuscripts, Engravings, Coins, Maps and Seals was reorganized, in 1950, and received the name of the Department of Rare Prints and Manuscripts. For a short period of time, it functioned under the name Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, then, the Department of Special Collections.

The staff working in this department processes, conserves and puts into value the funds (old books, manuscripts, engravings, maps, microforms, audio-video resources, electronic resources):

  • Creates the database for the collections (bibliographic description of the newly purchased documents and describe the 16th century books, scans and attaches the title page, so that they can all be found in the online catalogue)
  • Manages the catalogue created after the digitization of the traditional paper catalogue
  • Checks and unifies the database for the collections
  • Creates authorities files and manages the authorities headings for names of persons, collective titles and uniform titles
  • Links the bibliographic records to the authorized heading
  • Elaborates reference records for the heritage books
  • Creates conservation records
  • Scans documents with the purpose of conservation and acquiring more value
  • Manages Dimitrie Cantemir Reading Room for special collections (guides the beneficiaries to find the necessary information in the online catalogue, supplies bibliographic information on request, answers the requests for document copies, makes available the publications required for the study in the reading room)
  • Manages the repositories and applies the conservation and protection norms for all documents
  • Is involved in the research activity, putting into value the heritage funds in donation catalogues, articles, communications, guided visits, exhibitions and exhibition leaflets
  • Collaborates in the creation of the National Catalogue of the 16th Century Books
  • Participates in Congresses and professional meetings, getting involved in the activity of the Professional Association of Librarians
  • Creates guides for the automated processing of the collections, contributes to the training of the new library staff
  • Offers methodological guidance for the bibliographic description and the conservation of the library documents

The Services

The Special Collections Department is available for any enquiries regarding the collections and retrieval of certain items.

The Special Collections Department offers the following services for the reproduction of documents: digital photography, microfilm or scan.

The reproduction of documents from the library rare collections is performed according to the 182/2000 Law on the protection of the national heritage, the regulations for photographical, video or numerical reproduction of the documents and according to the 8/1996 Law on the author's rights and the other related rights.

  • No document shall be entirely reproduced.
  • The copies shall not be commercialised.
  • The source of the reproduced documents should be mentioned in case they are used in some studies or articles.
  • The reproduction process is to be undertaken only by the departmental staff.
  • The fee and the standard request form are to be filled in and paid beforehand.
  • Depending on the size and the conservation degree there will be chosen the most appropriate solution for reproduction.

Reproduction of documents from the special collections is surcharge, based on an application form available in the Reading Room or by email.




  • Catalogues
Catalogul Colectiv al Incunabulelor din România
Catalogul Incunabulelor din bibliotecile germane
Catalogul Incunabulelor din bibliotecile austriece
ISTC - catalogul incunabulelor din bibliotecile lumii
Catalogul manuscriselor din bibliotecile germane
Catalogul manuscriselor din bibliotecile italiene
Catalogul naţional al manuscriselor din bibliotecile americane
Catalogul incunabulelor de la BSB
Catalogul incunabulelor de la Berkeley , California
Catalogul incunabulelor din Biblioteca Regala, Copenhaga
MALVINE - manuscrise şi scrisori în bibliotecile europene
Catalogul cărţii greceşti sec. 15-17 la Biblioteca Universităţii din Basel
Catalogul cărţii greceşti sec. 15-17 la Biblioteca Universităţii din Basel 2

  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias

The Catholic Encyclopedia
Enciclopedia instrumentelor muzicale
Enciclopedia împăraţilor romani
Enciclopedia preşedinţilor Statelor Unite
Enciclopedia Orientului
Autori latini
Ierarhi ruşi
Lexicografie bizantină

  • Digital libraries

Biblioteca Digitală a Bucureștilor
Biblioteca Digilală Națională
Biblioteca Digitală Europeană
Manuscripta mediaevalia

  • Varia

Tipografi, editori, legători
Dicţionar termeni referitori la cartea veche
Dicţionar termeni referitori la legătura de carte
Licitaţii online
Articole pentru colecţionari
Dicţionar de bibliofilie
ALA - Rare Books and Manuscripts Section

  • Bibliographic description of collections

ISBD(CR) - în limba română
ISBD(ER) - în limba română
ISBD Consolidated edition
Reguli pentru materialele audiovizuale şi multimedia din biblioteci şi alte instituţii
ISBD Lista traducerilor în limba română

  • Useful online cataloging landmarks

Denumiri geografice în limba latină
Titluri uniforme pentru opere liturgice
Catalogul virtual Karlsruhe (KVK)

  • Conservation

Conservare online
IFLA - Secţiunea Prezervare, Conservare - adrese utile
IFLA - Sec ţiunea Prezervare, Conservare - norme internaţionale
Networking for Digital Preservation - Current Practice în 15 National Libraries


Papers and works conceived by the department

Printed Catalogues

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Scientific Papers - Translations

IFLA Principles for Care and Handling of Library Materials , IFLA - PAC, no. 1, 1998. Principii de păstrare şi mânuire a materialului de bibliotecă. Traducere de Lăcrămioara Chihaia şi Elena Ştefănescu. - Iaşi : BCU, 2009. - [74] (postat pe site-ul IFLA)