The Administrative Office


  • Keeps the record of the entire employed staff and draws up all the papers on the employment relationships of the employees;
  • Ensures and coordinates the activity of the photocopy, carpentry and binding workshops, the central storage, the courier activity, the guarding activity;
  • Keeps the evidence of the assets at the disposal of the different departments of the institution, filling up the respective inventory sheets;
  • The administration and maintenance of all assets, technical services ad installations owed by "M. Eminescu" Central University Library (CUL);
  • The acquisition of all the necessary materials in CUL, their allocation and distribution according to the already approved reports;
  • The ensure of the achievement at the institutional level of the set of measures stipulated by the regulations in force on the labour health and security;
  • The pursuance and ensuring of the achievement in the whole institution of the set of measures provided by the norms in  force on the fire prevention and extinction;
  • The performing, pursuance, ensuring, and checking of the daily cleaning inside the institution's spaces;
  • The elaboration and,  as appropriate, the update, according to the necessities sent by the other departments of CUL of the annual public acquisitions program;
  • The elaboration, or, as appropriate, the coordination of the elaboration of the documentation of assignment, the implementation and the completion of the assigning procedures.