The management

Conf. univ. dr. Ioan Milică The General Manager
Cristina Manole The Economic Manager 0232.264.245/109
Paul Ichim The Head of the Department of Acquisitions and Collections Development 0232.264.245/107
Cristian Raicu The Head of the Administrative Department 0232.264.245/117
Camelia Stumbea The Head of the Department of Research and Information References 0232.264.245/119
Delia Bucos The Head of the Cataloguing Department 0232.264.245/108
Lăcrămioara Chihaia The Head of the Special Collections Department 0232.264.245/120
Adrian Simionescu The Head of the Financial and Accounting – Retributions Department 0232.264.245/111
Ioana Gafton The Head of the Collections Preservation Department 0232.264.245/103
Dr. Anca Hațapuc The Head of the Indexing Departament 0232.264.245/112
Carmen Diaconescu The Head of the Informatics Department 0332.418.792
Simona Sînzianu The Communication, Marketing and Projects Department 0232.264.245/112
Camelia Boca The Head of the Public Relations and I.L.L. Departament 0232.264.245/110
Oana Mercheș The International Exchange Department 0232.264.245/116
Dr. Daniela Dimitriu The Head of the Social Sciences Branches 0232.201.127
Elena Cojocariu Head of the Humanistic Sciences Branches 0232.201.663
Dr. Ivona Olariu The Head of the Exact Sciences Branches 0232.201.151

Contact persons

Camelia Boca The Public Relations and I.L.L. Departament 0232.264.245/110
Alina Frunză The General Manager's Office 0232.264.245/105

Address: 4 Pacurari/ 700511 Iasi
Telephone: (0232) 264.245; Fax: (0232) 261796