Bibliographical research on request

The bibliographical research on request service makes, surcharge, some complex bibliographies, on different topics, depending on the client’s request. The bibliographical research process is based, mainly, on the investigation of the CUL collections, but it does not exclude some other informational resources.

The access of the clients to this service is possible through the Bibliographic Department of the library (central headquarters, 2nd floor, Pacurari wing, access through "N. Iorga" Reading Room) based on a request form containing all the data necessary for such an elaborate investigation:

  1. Client’s full name
  2. The entrance card’s number
  3. Occupation and contact information
  4. The determination of the (geographic and chronological) topic
  5. The purpose of the bibliographical research
  6. The language of the documents bibliographically described
  7. Information sources
  8. The publications already consulted by the client
  9. The deadline for the bibliographical research
  10. The date
  11. The client’s signature