The economic sciences library

The Address:  Str. Gen. Berthelot, nr. 16, Iaşi-700483 România
Telephone:  0232 201452
The contact person:  Mancaş Mihaela - responsible of the branch library

The access in this library is based on the CUL Entrance Card valid in the headquarters and in all the branch libraries.

The library has a reading room with 165 seats.


The total fund (January 2019): 62.421 bibliographic units
Number of entries in the database (January 2019): 23.784 entries
The Economic sciences library has some important collections of documents (books and periodicals) in the following fields: finance, accounting, banks and stock market, the economical and financial analysis, statistics, capital markets, economical history, economical philosophy, political economy, economic law, the European law, the commercial economy, insurances, the European integration, world economy, economic informatics, informational systems, marketing and management, public administration, communication and negotiation, fiscality and financial politics, pedagogy and psychology, audit and financial control, tourism and environment, economic geography, etc.

The documents at the readers' disposal:

  • Reference materials: (general and specialized) dictionaries), encyclopaedias (International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management), annuals, atlases, legislative couriers.
  • Specialized magazines: Anuarul statistic al României, Bursa, Capital, Economistul, Idei de afaceri, Marketing - Management, Piața financiară, Probleme economice, Revista româna de statistică, Studii şi cercetări economice, Tribuna economică, Ziarul financiar,etc.

The collections of the Economic Sciences branch library increase continually and contain some fundamental titles, documents collections, treatises, university courses, legislation, reference works.
The book and periodicals collections are also supplemented by donations or national and international exchange (we can offer Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"The Economic Sciences Section).

The Catalogues

The library offers to its readers the following catalogues:

  • The online catalogue – the bibliographic descriptions of the publications in the Economic Sciences Branch Library are included in the CUL online catalogue
  • The national online catalogue - RoLiNeST (Romanian Library Network Science & Technology) including the databases of the most important Romanian university libraries.

The services

  • The consultation of the collection's documents in the reading room;
  • Home lending;
  • The free access to the online databases on the library's subscription - ProQuest, SpringerLink, Ebsco, etc.;
  • Specialized bibliographic information;
  • The initiation of the readers in the documenting process.