"Al. Myller" Mathematics Seminar

Address:  B-dul Carol I nr.11 Iasi, in Building A of "A. I. Cuza" University Iasi (1st floor)
Telephone: 0232-201216
Contact person: Andrei PATRAS – head of library  
E-mail: andreip@uaic.ro

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
Loan at home:9.00 - 19.30
Access at the reading rooms:8.30 - 20.00
Saturday - SundayClosed

The access in this library is based on the CUL Entrance Card valid in the headquarters and in all the branch libraries.

The Collections

The total fund (2019): 83.291 bibliographic units (books and periodicals)
Number of entries in the database (2019): 32.396 entries

The library of the Mathematics Seminar holds important collections of documents (books and serials) from all the fields of pure and applied Mathematics and Informatics, as well as titles in the field of Physics.

The beneficiaries are also offered reference materials (dictionaries and general encyclopedias, paper reviews - Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt fur Mathematik, Applied Mechanics Review, Referativnîj Zurnal - Matematika, Referativnîj Zurnal - Mehanika so on).

The library funds include, apart from the current funds, a fund of old books and manuscripts in a total of approximately 300 volumes which were printed before 1850. We mention here some of them:

  • Apollonii Pergaei Conicorum libri quator, 1566;
  • Gemma Frisius, R. - Arithmeticae Practicae methodus facilus, Lipsiae, 1575;
  • Clavius Bambergensis, Christophorus - Geometria practica, Mainz , 1606;
  • Pisani, Gio. Batista - Giardino Aritmetico, Milano, 1646;
  • La Hire, Philippe de - Nouveaux elemes des section coniques, Paris, 1679;
  • Ozanam, Jacques - Dictionnaire mathematique, Amsterdam, 1691;
  • Abrege des mathematiques pour l'usage de Sa Majeste Imperiale de toutes les Roussies, St. Petersbourg, 1728;
  • Simson, Robert - Sectionum conicarum libri V, Edinburg , 1735;
  • Saverien, Alexandre - Dictionnaire universel de mathematique et de physique, Paris, 1753;
  • Euler, Leonard - Introduction a l'analise infinitesimale, Paris, 1796;
  • Garnier, J.G. - Reciproques de la geometrie, Paris, 1810;
  • Stoiheia arithmetikes, Iasi, 1818 (carte romaneasca veche) etc.

The library holds also the complete works, in original, by great mathematicians and physicians such as: Euclid, Christian Huygens, Isaac Newton, Jacob Bernoulli, Leonard Euler, Joseph Louis Lagrange, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Karl Friedrich Gauss, Auguste Louis Cauchy, Niels Henrick Abel, Henri Poincare, so on.

Apart from the collections of books, there are more than 700 titles of serials in the field such as:

  • Acta Eruditorum (1682)
  • Journal fur die reine und angewandte Mathematik (1829)
  • Compte Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences (1835)
  • Bulletin de Academie Royale des Sciences (1836)
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London (1862)
  • Giornale di matematiche (1863)
  • Mathematische Annalen (1869)
  • Bulletin des Sciences Mathematiques (1870)
  • American Journal of Mathematics Pure and Applied (1878)
  • Acta Mathematica (1882)
  • Bulletin of American Mathematical Society(1895)
  • Transaction of American Mathematical Society (1900)
  • Annales Scientifiques de l'Universite de Jassy (1900) etc.

The collections of books and serials are completed by national and international interlibrary exchange with the Annals of "Al. I. Cuza" University, departments of Mathematics, Informatics, Plasma Physics and Spectroscopy, Biophysics, Medical Physics, Environmental Physics, Physics of Condensed State, Biology, Geography, Geology, Linguistics, Literature, History and Pedagogy.

The Catalogues

The library offers to its readers the following catalogues:

  • The online catalogue – the bibliographic descriptions of the publications in the Pedagogy, Psychology, Physical Education and Sport Library are included in the CUL online catalogue
  • The national online catalogue - RoLiNeST (Romanian Library Network Science & Technology) including the databases of the most important Romanian university libraries.

The services

  • The consultation of the collection's documents in the reading room;
  • The home lending;
  • The free access to the online databases on the library's subscription - ProQuest, SpringerLink, Ebsco, etc.;
  • the possibility to make copies of the articles in newspapers and reviews
  • elaborate thematic bibliographies on request;
  • Specialized bibliographic information;
  • The initiation of the readers in the documenting process