The Pedagogy, Psychology, Physical Education and Sport Library

Address : Str.Toma Cozma, nr.3, D building, cod 700554, România
Telephone : 0232/201127
Contact person :   Ioana Asăvoaie

Starting May, 8, 2019, the Psycho-Pedagogy, Physical Education and Sports Branch will be closed for modernization!

For the users of the Psycho-Pedagogy and Physical Education branch without overdue books, you can get the clearance visa in the main building of the library. If you have debts to the library (lost or overdue books) please resolve the situation at the subsidiary library and then go to the headquarters to obtain the visa.

The library was founded in 1965, accumulating the funds of the Pedagogic Seminar library (1999) and the ones of the Psychology and Pedagogy Seminars (1908).

The library has two reading rooms with 100 seats.


The total fund (2019): 62.944 bibliographic units (books and periodicals)
Number of entries in the database (2019): 30.998 entries
The Pedagogy, Psychology, Physical Education and Sport Library has some important collections of documents (books and periodicals) in the following fields: pedagogy, education, teaching, special pedagogy, psycho-pedagogy, psychology, social psychology, sociology, psycho-therapy.
Documents available to the readers:

1. Reference documents: general and specialized dictionaries, encyclopaedias:

  • The International Encyclopaedia of Education
  • Nourel Autodidactique (géographique, géologique, langues étrangères, historie, biologie, mathématique etc.)
  • Handbook of Special Education: Research and Practice

2. Specialized periodicals:

  • Revista de pedagogie(1956-1998)
  • Revista de psihologie (1942, 1943, 1945, 1957-2006)
  • Revista de psihologie socială
  • Revista de psihologie organizatională
  • Jurnal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Ştiinţa sportului
  • Sportul de înalta performanţă

 The Catalogues

The library offers to its readers the following catalogues:

  • The online catalogue – the bibliographic descriptions of the publications in the Pedagogy, Psychology, Physical Education and Sport Library are included in the CUL online catalogue
  • The national online catalogue - RoLiNeST (Romanian Library Network Science & Technology) including the databases of the most important Romanian university libraries.

The services

  • The consultation of the collection's documents in the reading room;
  • The home lending;
  • The free access to the online databases on the library's subscription - ProQuest, SpringerLink, Ebsco, etc.;
  • Specialized bibliographic information;
  • The initiation of the readers in the documenting process