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"Mihai Eminescu" Central University Library (CUL) is a charter member of the Association of the Universities, Research and development institutes and the Central University Libraries in  Romania - ANELIS PLUS, having as its main task the representation of the informing and documenting interests of its members, promoting the knowledge and sustaining the implementing of the educational and research politics by the acquisition of the electronic scientific informative resources designed for the teaching and research activity, in order to meet the increasing informative and documenting needs of the Romanian users.

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In 2018, CUL Iaşi makes available, in a documentary purpose, the following scientific data bases (electronic books and periodicals):

  • Periodical databases on subscription

1. Fulltext databases/platforms

2. Bibliographic and bibliometric databases

3. Aplicații pentru cercetare (în chimie și matematică)

  • Works in collaboration

Studii eminescologice

Aceasta serie de studii este pusă la dispoziţia noastră prin bunăvoinţa Bibliotecii Judeţene "Mihai Eminescu" din Botoşani şi a Editurii Clusium din Cluj-Napoca, proprietarul copyright-ului.

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  • Online bibliographic tools

1. RefWorks


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Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

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