Workshop Elsevier Connect: „ Shortcut to research publishing, discovery and metrics”


Block 1: Knowledge path – from research publishing to its discovery

Introduction – Oana Stoian - 15min

Oana Stoian
Country Manager for South Eastern Europe Elsevier BV
As a Country Manager in South Eastern Europe, she is focused to formulate strategies tailored towards the market and work closely with regional and federal government agencies to develop projects for scientific databases and solutions; devise and implement account strategies to address differentiated needs at all levels of accounts.

Training 1: Good practices in scholarly publishing – Katarzyna Gaca -  75 min with Q&A - This training is addressed to everyone interested in the intricacies of scholarly publishing. During this training the attendees will learn about the importance of academic publishing and maintaining its high quality through proper peer-review. Additionally, information on how to recognize good journals will be provided, along with information on the importance of publishing data. The training will be concluded by an overview of ethics in publishing, which ought to be respected by all authors, editors and reviewers. The training is addressed primarily to young researchers, although senior academics are also welcome to attend.

Katarzyna Gaca
Customer Consultant for Central-Eastern Europe, Elsevier BV
A graduate of University of Strathclyde, with almost a decade of experience in research in chemistry and in teaching at an academic level in Europe. Currently a Customer Consultant for Central-Eastern Europe in Elsevier, focused on delivering support to users across the region. A knowledgeable expert on Elsevier solutions for researchers and information specialists, who is passionate about ethics in scientific publishing, as well as about widely understood bibliometrics. 

Coffee Break

Training 2: Elsevier eBooks Empowerment Training, 2018 - Natalia Garcia  – 45 min with Q&A
The goal of this training is to familiarize your institution with our eBooks on ScienceDirect, as well as to give you an overview of the innovative features that you will find on the platform; such as discoverability, Topic Pages, Co-Usage and dynamic platform characteristics.

Natalia Garcia
Head of Customer Engagement of Research Reference Solutions for Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Specialized in Public & Corporate Relations, International Marketing and Business Development. Graduated from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and ITESM University in Mexico.


Block 2: Research impact – from research metrics to Scopus

Training 3: Scientometric Indicators Without Secrets – a comprehensive overview of metric indicators in research and research management – Peter Porosz – 75 min with Q&A
There is a plethora of information sources available for the management and evaluation of research performance. What do we consider as reliable data? What indicators are appropriate for different purposes -- and what are best avoided? What is it that we use in our daily practice in Central and Eastern Europe – and beyond? In this session we observe the theory and practice of fact based research management.

Peter Porosz
Research Intelligence Consultant
As an Elsevier customer consultant for Research Intelligence, Peter is an advisor of research management programs in Central and Eastern Europe. Working with universities, research institutions and government bodies, he helps enable fact-based planning, execution and evaluation of research programs. His professional interests include understanding the impact of research beyond academia, in society and economics.

Training 4: How Scopus can help you in your daily work – Madalina Butuc (TBC) – 75 min with Q&A – The purpose of this training is to familiarize researchers, librarians and information specialists with the content, as well as with the most useful tools and functions incorporated in this solution. The training includes several on-line workflow examples and the participants are welcome to take active part.

Madalina Butuc
As a local freelance trainer,  this involves supporting Elsevier’s connection with the Romanian academic community. Main solutions of activity: ScienceDirect, Scopus, and Mendeley


Please note: should you wish to attend and not be able to do so, you are also welcome to visit the Elsevier website for online tutorials.

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